A child's natural desire and imperative to move.

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The Moving Child educates about the importance of dynamic movement in child development. The film shows how moving in relationship with caregivers as well as “on their own” supports our social, emotional, physical and mental health.

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The Moving Child is a film that aims to help support children in their physical, emotional, social and mental development by educating adults about the important role that dynamic movement plays in a child’s wellbeing. Movement matters and impacts all aspects of development! This film shows HOW that happens and WHAT we need to be concerned about right now in children’s sensorimotor development. Kids are getting stuck! Integrating approaches from diverse movement therapies, the film shares best practices to support children’s self-expression and naturally unfolding movement ability from in utero through age six. The Moving Child will be an amazing tool for anyone who cares about how child wellbeing impacts our world!

"This film is a loving look at how to support the needs of kids at the different stages of their innate movement development. Using rhythm, touch, play and dance, The Moving Child shows how to nurture healthier and more compassionate people"  - Raffi Cavoukian, C.M., O.B.C., singer, author, Centre for Child Honouring

"If I had one video I could give a new family, it would be this one!"  - Mia Kalef, DC, Author, The Secret Life of Babies

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Moving in the Womb

We begin in utero, with the understanding that how supported a mother may feel, and whether she is able to utilize movement as a tool to de-stress, can greatly impact the little one growing inside. What kinds of movement are helpful during pregnancy? What else impacts healthy neuromotor development in utero?

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Birthing and Movement Development

Engaging movement practices in preparation for birth, and how the process of birth unfolds can significantly impact sensorimotor development. With the right supports, all birth “imprints” can be “repatterned”. How we support babies to securely bond to parents body-to-body post-birth is crucial.

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Bonding Body to Body

The ways in which we make eye contact, touch, hold, carry, move with, breathe with newborns and babies can deeply affect their psychological, physical development and learning ability for life. Learn more about bonding body to body as we explore the ways in which mammals are designed to secure connection.

This film would not have been possible without the generous support of Janet Kwantes CMA, the Park family, Marian Chace Foundation and Lucy Gonda BC-DMT