A child's natural desire and imperative to move.

The Moving Child films aim to help support children in their physical, emotional, social and mental development by educating adults about the important role that dynamic movement plays in a child’s wellbeing. Movement matters and impacts all aspects of development! These films show HOW that happens and WHAT we need to be concerned about in children’s sensorimotor development. Kids are getting stuck! Integrating approaches from diverse movement therapies, all three films share best practices to support children’s sensorimotor development, self-expression and naturally unfolding movement ability affecting their life. The Moving Child Films are amazing tools for anyone who cares about how child wellbeing impacts our world!

The Moving Child I

Educates about the importance of dynamic movement in child development (age 0-7) from the perspective of bonding, social & emotional development, brain growth and physical health.

The Moving Child II

Meet ten diverse Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapists who demonstrate the art and science of Dance/Movement Therapy with children with diverse needs in a variety of settings.

The Moving Child III

Featuring Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen, Susan Aposhyan, Martha Eddy, Mariko Tanabe, Maryska Bigos, Annie Brook and others.

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What People are saying...

"Viewing this wonderful film will give you lots of new ways to connect, play and expand your experience of being truly alive. So many of us missed a rich movement background that these images and practices can repair, so the Moving Child is for our actual children and for the inner child. It’s never too late to enjoy the joys of moving. The moving child II is a jewel.”
Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D., BC-DMT, Best-selling author, Consultant and Trainer

"This film is a loving look at how to support the needs of kids at the different stages of their innate movement development. The Moving Child shows how to nurture healthier and more compassionate people. Using rhythm, touch, play and dance, The Moving Child shows how to nurture healthier and more compassionate people.”
Raffi Cavoukian, C.M., O.B.C., singer, author, Centre for Child Honouring

"If I had one video I could give a new family, it would be this one!”
Mia Kalef, DC, Author, The Secret Life of Babies

Sneak Peak at Ebook Chapters

the moving child development educational resources

Rough and Tumble Play Movement: A Father’s Gift

We are wishing all you Dads out there in the world a very Happy Father’s Day! Know you have an essential role in your child’s emotional, physical, mental and spiritual development. When I reflect on my childhood, I can remember my father’s big hands and arms playfully holding my body in various positions above and around […]

the moving child development educational resources

What to Expect in The Moving Child Upcoming Ebook…

Here is a summary of The Moving Child upcoming EBook. Gain a fresh and in-depth overview of what’s to come, chapter by chapter. The Moving Child upcoming EBook will be a fresh and in-depth understanding of  how to support healthy movement development in children. It will take you on a journey from the womb through […]

This film would not have been possible without the generous support of Janet Kwantes CMA, the Park family, Marian Chace Foundation and Lucy Gonda BC-DMT
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