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The Moving Child I: Supporting Early Development Through Movement (59 minutes)

Educates about the importance of dynamic movement in child development (age 0-7) from the perspective of bonding, social & emotional development, brain growth and physical health. Features a variety of child development experts including Dr. Bruce Perry, Dr. Suzi Tortora, Myrna Martin, Martha Eddy, Kalila Homann, Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen, and Dr. Annie Brook and others.

The Moving Child I Trailer

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TO RENT/STREAM for 72 Hours: $4.95 USD or $5.95 CND
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The Moving Child II: Dance Therapy in Action (1hr 20min)

Meet ten diverse Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapists who demonstrate the art and science of Dance/Movement Therapy with children with diverse needs in a variety of settings. Learn how to support self-expression, confidence, trauma healing, self-regulation, social skills and expansion of movement repertoire to affect a child’s wellbeing.

The Moving Child II Trailer

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TO RENT/STREAM for 72 Hours: $5.95 USD or $6.95 CAD
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: $29.95 USD or $34.95 CAD

The Moving Child III: Developmental Movement in the First Year (1hr)

Featuring Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen, Susan Aposhyan, Martha Eddy, Mariko Tanabe, Maryska Bigos, Annie Brook and others. This innovative film outlines the physical, emotional and cognitive importance of the developmental movement patterns to human development, and includes three case studies of how to help babies with challenges.

The Moving Child III Trailer

Sale prices:
TO RENT/STREAM for 72 Hours: $4.95 USD or $5.95 CND
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: $24.95 USD or $29.95 CND

Music for Moving

Be My Mirror is a collection of 12 songs written by Hana Kamea and Rocky Gallo to inspire dynamic movement in children, families and classrooms. Buy individual tracks or the full album.

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