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The Moving Child Honours International Pain Management Month

Photo: Arwan Sutanto As the grand-daughter of a woman (during the 1950s/1960s) suffering from a duodenal ulcer, who was sadly misdiagnosed as mentally ill and mistreated terribly because of that unfortunate misdiagnosis – I feel strongly about the care and management of people experiencing physical pain in the body, including children and youth. I also […]

the moving child development educational resources

Nature as a Movement Playground

Image: Mi Pham Moving outdoors provides an easy access to and a scaffold for the practice of dynamic 3-Dimensional movement. It is moving 3-D that counters the effects of all our time spent in 2-D (screen time, etc). Being in nature also awakens all our senses (estimated at over 20 in the human body), which is […]

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What is “Movement-oriented Self Care'”?

In honour of the recent International Self Care Day, here we offer some simple self care tips for parents. Self care, such as resting, is a learned skill. Learned from and modelled by parents, culture, school, friends. We hear lots about the need for self-care. But what does this mean from a movement or movement […]

the moving child development educational resources

Rough and Tumble Play Movement: A Father’s Gift

We are wishing all you Dads out there in the world a very Happy Father’s Day! Know you have an essential role in your child’s emotional, physical, mental and spiritual development. When I reflect on my childhood, I can remember my father’s big hands and arms playfully holding my body in various positions above and around […]

the moving child development education resource

Being Seen, Accurately

Image: Muhammadtaha Ibrahim Ma’aji Here we share an excerpt below from The Moving Child Films upcoming EBook, written by creator/director Hana Kamea Kemble. One of our earliest and life-long psychological needs is to “be seen”. What does this mean? In Attachment Psychology, it means being accurately reflected. But what does that mean? The developmental need of being seen […]

the moving child development educational resources

What to Expect in The Moving Child Upcoming Ebook…

Here is a summary of The Moving Child upcoming EBook. Gain a fresh and in-depth overview of what’s to come, chapter by chapter. The Moving Child upcoming EBook will be a fresh and in-depth understanding of  how to support healthy movement development in children. It will take you on a journey from the womb through […]